A new church
for the city.

We love Denton and want everyone who lives here to experience the life-changing Gospel of Jesus!

Saturday's at 5 PM

Come worship the Lord with us.

1332 Teasley Ln. Denton, TX

Our Rhythms

We believe God has called us to participate in three distinct rhythms as a local church: gatherings, groups, and missions.

Why Plant

97 %

97% of counties in the United States have a higher church to population ratio. Denton is equivalent to San Francisco and New York City.

70 %

Denton's population has increased by 70% since the year 2000 with an average increase of 3,200 people per year. The current population is over 140,000 with an additional 55,000 university students.

60 %

2010 data shows that over 60% of Denton doesn't belong to a church. Given the decline of Christianity over the last decade and a large number of college students, we believe this number to be on the low end.