A new church
for the city.

We love Denton and want everyone who lives here to experience the life-changing Gospel of Jesus!

How We're Responding to the Coronavirus

Join us Saturday's at 5 PM for a virtual worship gathering hosted via Zoom.

While we cannot physically come together for our normal worship gatherings due to the Coronavirus, we believe that should not stop us from meeting virtually to worship, pray, and learn from the Word of God as a church family.

Need someone to talk to, pray with, or to pick up some groceries for you?

We'd love to serve you during this difficult time. Whether you just need someone to talk with, would like some prayer, or need some help picking up groceries or household items, our team would be honored to do anything we can to help.

Our Rhythms

We believe God has called us to participate in three distinct rhythms as a local church: gatherings, groups, and missions.


Launching in 2020

City Church is a new church in Denton, TX that is currently in our pre-launch phase. In March 2020, we'll begin hosting a small weekly worship gathering each Saturday night. If you're interested or learning more or being a part of City Church, get in touch with us!

Why Plant

97 %

97% of counties in the United States have a higher church to population ratio. Denton is equivalent to San Francisco and New York City.

70 %

Denton's population has increased by 70% since the year 2000 with an average increase of 3,200 people per year. The current population is over 140,000 with an additional 55,000 university students.

60 %

2010 data shows that over 60% of Denton doesn't belong to a church. Given the decline of Christianity over the last decade and a large number of college students, we believe this number to be on the low end.