Our Mission

City Church exists to help people discover the fullness of God, become authentic disciples of Christ, and live on mission.

Our Values

At City Church everything we do is guided by our five core values.

We are biblical.

God has provided rich instructions through His Word for us as individuals and collectively as the church. At City Church, we delight in God’s Word and commit to teaching it without diluting the message.

We are Spirit-filled.

The church that we observe throughout the New Testament is one that is full of the Holy Spirit. It was normal for the Spirit to be at work through healing, prophecy, and other spiritual gifts both in public through outreach and in private gatherings. At City Church, we believe that the Holy Spirit is still at work today and we will always seek to operate in a way that allows for him to move within our midst.

We are missional.

The church was never meant to stay inside a building. Jesus made it clear that we are to go into the world and make disciples. This is not a calling just for full-time pastors, but is the calling of all Christians. At City Church, we believe that every Christian is a missionary in their workplace, neighborhood, and family.

We are generous.

Christians should be the most generous people on the planet with their time, resources, and money. At City Church, we want to raise up a generation of radically generous believers who meet the needs of the community and support missions with fervor.

We are authentic.

The biblical church was full of life that was lived out in authentic community. At City Church, we’re committed to helping others discover the fullness of God and what it means to live in authentic community with other believers. This means that church will be messier, but that’s okay with us!

Why plant a new church in Denton?

When we felt the Lord lead us to plant a church in Denton, we were asking ourselves the same question. As we started to research data we found that Denton has one of the lowest ratios of churches to population in the entire United States. In fact, 97% of counties have a higher ratio. Denton is a place that God loves and it is a city that we are passionate about reaching.


Denton’s population has grown by 70% since 2000 and is growing by 3,200 people every year. The current population is about 140,000 people plus another 55,000 university students at UNT and TWU. Research from 2010 shows that about 60% of the population doesn’t belong to a church. This number has certainly grown in the past decade. In 2012, Denton was named the best small town in America by USA Today, was ranked as one of the 100 best places to live by Livability in 2019, and ranked as the #2 boomtown in America by SmartAsset.