What is a core team?

In many ways, a core team is the heart of a new church plant. The members of the core team help to establish the culture of the church and lead the way by helping the mission and values of the church come to life.

Who can be a part of the core team?

The core team consists of men and women who are committed to growing as disciples of Christ, living on mission, and giving of their resources. You don’t need to be a “super Christian” or feel called to full time ministry. You simply need to love Jesus, want to grow as a disciple, and commit to helping fulfill the mission of the church.

What are the expectations of the core team?

First and foremost, core team members are expected to faithfully follow Jesus and grow in their walk with him.

Second, core team members are expected to give of their resources. You’ll be expected to be at every gathering, be involved in a group, give financially, and serve during events.

Third, core team members are expected to live missionally. If this is something that’s new to you, don’t worry! We’ll all be working to grow in this area as a church.

Finally, core team members are expected to be authentic. No one is perfect here. We all have struggles and we all sin. We want you to grow as a disciple of Jesus and that can only happen through being authentic with the community around you.

How do I join the core team?

In order to join the core team, you’ll simply need to express interest and then meet one-on-one with our pastors to make sure that it’s a good fit.